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"I don't know you but I believe in you. You're a powerful creator and have the ability to heal, connect to your soul's wisdom and harness the power of your creative spirit!"


Awaken - Create - Shine

My mission is to inspire and empower you to fully embrace your creative power and access your inner wisdom whilst learning how to cultivate a path of compassion and understanding to heal past hurts, emotional and mental blocks and to come home to the authentic self, to truth, to who you are now and who you are becoming.

I’m here to tell you I can help! The side of you that needs nurturing now is your heart and soul.

Do you feel you need support and guidance to help understand your current situation?

Perhaps you need some insight into relationship patterns, energy (or power) dynamics and breakdowns?

Do you want to heal and feel whole again going forwards?

I want to help you understand where your soul is at currently, what stage is it developing and evolving and what your natural gifts, personality traits and strengths are, to help you the most. This will also be key in understanding how your previous relationships, situations and experiences have played out in the past, giving you valuable insights, healing opportunities and guidance going forwards.

All you need to do is take the quiz to find out which soul type you are - an Awaken, Create or Shine so that you can access the right kind of support, guidance and healing practices that nurture your souls growth, healing and creativity. 

Shine Practices

Finding out your soul type can give you valuable insights into your life and all that has happened up until this point. It offers you healing opportunities to release old and worn out habits, thinking and routines so that you can embrace your unique gifts and soul purpose to be your truest unique self.

I creatively discovered ways to be happier and bring more positivity into my life. Working this way gave me the tools to focus on the present, go with the flow and be uniquely and creatively me!
— Clem Morley

How I can help you

Using a unique combination of creative expression and spiritual connection I facilitate a process where you're supported to reconnect to the parts of yourself you may have lost along the way from everyday responsibilities and stresses, relationship difficulties and falling into habitual ruts and routines leaving you feeling fragmented, tired, disconnected and unfulfilled. I remind you of your inner majesty, unlimited potential, forgotten strengths, intuitive and spontaneous nature and creative power!

Connecting to my creative self has sparked off things within me, leaving me with a desire to create and feel an inner calling to unlock a world of creativity inside out. It has enriched my spiritual path with joy
— Marie Hegarty

I show you how to...

  1. Explore your creative nature and intuition through various exercises and practices.

  2. Connect to your soul expression for wisdom and insights.

  3. Release emotional and mental blocks through healing art activities.

  4. Learn how to activate and use higher-self reflection.

I call this Expressive Soul Healing™. It is a creative awakening process where you are raising your vibrations and feeding your spirituality whilst hearing and nurturing the soul, your unique expression and divine connection.

Healing from within

You will learn how to replenish your energy levels by connecting to your soul's inner wisdom and creative centre where you hold your divine feminine energy. Using this process I started to connect to the divine, be more aware of universal laws, read and heal my own energy and connect to my higher self, realising my creative potential and healing abilities were always within. I became aware that what appears to be random on the surface, often conceals a wisdom and universal language that our soul can understand but we are not consciously aware of ourselves.

Learn the language of your soul

It is a language I am now converse in and have learned to interpret to help you in understanding your own soul's wisdom, intuition and divine connection. I work with you to recognise it, translate and apply it to your own life, enriching it with meaning, purpose and direction. This in turn provides you with the nurturing support, care and attention you need to awaken to the abundant possibilities that awaits you, take control of your life in an empowering way and learn to access 'flow', harnessing the power of your creative spirit and divine feminine energy!

I loved having reflection time and connecting with my own intuition and flow again. A wonderful experience inspiring me to use different creative techniques to help remind me of what I love when moving off track.
— Marilyn Winchurch

You're in the right place!

It doesn't matter where you are at - you are in the right place, right here, right now! If you'd like to find out what soul type you are and how together we can best support your healing and spiritual journey going forward, you can take the quiz! There is no right or wrong type, there is no competition or judgement. You are unique and you're soul type reflects exactly where you are now and what you need to learn, heal or create next.

As you grow, learn, evolve and connect to your inner truths your soul type might change. I've experienced all three types and believe my own healing and spiritual journey has a specific purpose and that is to share, guide and support you to fully experience all the benefits, insights and knowledge I've gained from creating and developing Expressive Soul Healing™. I've worked with clients in this way for four years now and the power of this process never ceases to amaze me and the power within you will do the same. Read some of the testimonials from others to hear about their experiences.

For more information about each stage and to learn how to access your inner world full of love, strength, power, creativity, wisdom and light, take the quiz. Let me help you to remember who you are are, why you're here and to guide you back to your soul, your truth, your authentic voice and creative power! To find out your soul type and access all the support and guidance you need, right here, right now, click on - take the quiz!

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You are a co-creator with the universe and everything you need lies within you, not any other person, situation or event that is happening externally. You just need a little support, guidance, care and attention to awaken to what is possible. You are uniquely and creatively YOU, let's celebrate that shall we!

With love, Sally x