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Access your creative spirit

and soul wisdom!

Let’s live from the soul!

Do you want to rise above the limitations placed upon you and stop compromising yourself to fit in or merge into the background? Are you ready to step into your creative potential and limitless possibilities that surround you by overcoming your fears to follow your joy?

Connecting to my creative self has sparked off things within me, leaving me with a desire to create and feel an inner calling to unlock a world of creativity inside out. It has enriched my spiritual path with joy
— Marie Hegarty

Your creative spirit is ready to soar!

You are a creative being full of expression, gifts, abilities, wisdom, experience and heart felt truths. You want to fully embrace your creative power and access your inner wisdom. You know it’s time to release past hurts and overcome emotional and mental blocks that have dimmed your light and hindered your authentic voice. Perhaps you feel you could be doing more to honour your feelings and gain the insight you need? Or that you need some guidance to help you through this transitional process?

Working with Sally has been a wonderful, really insightful process & taught me a lot about my own subconscious expressed in my art. The Angelic Reiki & Guided Reading sessions have helped me immensely with energy blocks & healing as well as giving me very powerful insights - thoroughly recommend it!
— Ieva Brown

You can create a new story…

I support amazing women who want to redefine boundaries in relationships, business and in life and live from the soul. Women who want to connect to their life purpose and soul mission and share their stories of how they’ve overcome adversity! So if you have endured, compromised, been overlooked, ignored, put down and feel you have been living on auto-pilot, or in ‘survival mode’. Then I’m here to help you create a new story!

Meeting Sally yesterday was like someone finally turning the lights on. Everything that Sally said to me resonated from within, so much so that I felt she could see the very core of me. I found the whole experience spiritually powerful and uplifting, with so many of the voids in my life now filled in. Sally’s amazing gifts enabled her to show me my path in life and I feel truly blessed and guided by this special lady.
— Lorraine Wild

Doing inner-work can be an arduous journey and you may feel overwhelmed, stuck, confused and unsure about what you need to do, know, heal, see and understand. I support you in accessing the right kind of guidance, knowledge and understanding needed at this stage of your souls growth so that real transformation can take place.

I had a card reading and guidance session with Sally-Anne yesterday. It really cleared the brain fog that was keeping me stuck. It brought me great clarity and raised my energy to a whole new level. Reignited my self belief & confidence. Then the MAGIC happened when you - Connected the Dots - The EPIPHANY! Was able to shine through. A truly beautiful and Magical experience!
Can’t recommend Sally-Anne enough. Her warmth, experience, knowledge and skills are beautiful.
Highly recommend her.
— Arlette Kelly

3 Steps to living in alignment with the soul:

  1. Awaken. You are a powerful creator, but have been compromising your needs and accepting conditions that are not in line with your higher good.

  2. Create. You are unique and expressive and have limitless creative potential - it’s time to manifest your life purpose and soul mission.

  3. Shine. Your authentic voice and soul wisdom wants you to acknowledge your truths and your gifts to inspire others to do the same.

I support you to:

  • find more creative flow in your life

  • recognise universal signs and syncronicities

  • tap into your own intuition and soul wisdom

  • listen to your feelings in their purest form

  • challenge mental blocks that come from the ego (fear based)

I creatively discovered ways to be happier and bring more positivity into my life. Working this way gave me the tools to focus on the present, go with the flow and be uniquely and creatively me!
— Clem Morley
I loved having reflection time and connecting with my own intuition and flow again. A wonderful experience inspiring me to use different creative techniques to help remind me of what I love when moving off track.
— Marilyn Winchurch

What support does your soul need to Awaken, Create & Shine?

Find out what stage your soul is at right now and what support you need. Your natural abilities, strengths and life experiences will point to you having a particular soul type, that currently resonates with your soul’s growth - click on the link to find out yours!

Shine Practices

I started to awaken to my inner wisdom through my creative expression. I realised very quickly that doing inner work actually connected me to something far more expansive and inclusive than what I had experienced before. From that day forth, even if I felt lonely, I knew I was never alone and that I have an unlimited resource within me - my soul wisdom and creative spirit!

Everything you need lies within you, not any other person, situation or event that is happening externally. You just need a little support, guidance, care and attention to awaken to what is possible. You are uniquely and creatively YOU, let's celebrate that shall we!

With love, Sally x