What is my soul type?

Here is a bit more information about each type, to further explain certain challenges, personality traits, goals and ambitions and what you can start to do more of to help you develop, grow, learn and flourish! You’re more powerful than you know - it doesn’t matter what has happened in the past. What matters is what you do now in the present and how this will start to shape and create your future.

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Are you an Awaken?

Maybe you're a sensitive soul with the ability to feel what others feel, making you vulnerable to being taken advantage of at times. If this is your soul type, you might need support in reclaiming your power by stepping into your authentic self and speaking your truth. Practicing inner work around self-acceptance and self-care is key for you to maintain healthy boundaries so that you can freely be yourself whilst learning how to work with your intuition so it serves as a valuable gift. This might also be a transitional stage that you’re experiencing, once you’ve done the necessary inner-work you might find yourself wanting to ‘create’ more of what you love so that you can ‘shine’ your light out to others! If you’ve not already done so - click below to complete to the quiz to find out if this is your soul type!

The session allowed me to witness my own reactions to external influences I wasn’t previously aware of. I felt compassion for myself whilst feeling empowered by understanding why I was reacting in this way
— Faye Paterson
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Are you a Create?

You could be fiercely independent and struggle to accept help from others, often leaving you feeling burn-out. You're a natural leader and pathfinder but may need some guidance to open up and connect to your creative expression and embrace your divine feminine energy. If you struggle to be expressive and open with others - this will help you to become more visible by embracing your feminine side more and allowing yourself to be vulnerable - it is actually a strength! This will help you to balance your inner Yin and Yang energies and empower you to freely express yourself, your needs, heal soul wounds, gain creative insights and work with your natural state of flow and the universe as a co-creator! If you’ve not already done so - click below to complete to the quiz to find out if this is your soul type!

To just flow with expression using the creative exercises and practices has encouraged me to be open to what’s holding me back and what I need to let go of to create the life I want for myself and loved ones.
— Lesley Beresford
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Are you a Shine?

Perhaps you feel your soul's inner calling is connected to sharing your gifts, thoughts, experiences and ideas with others. Stand up and stand out as a speaker, teacher, leader, healer, change-maker or expert in your field but need a little help and guidance to access your unlimited creative potential and soul wisdom. Part of your gift is how you interact with others - you have the power to inspire people! But you must honour your ‘felt sense’ or ‘inner-knowing’ in certain situations and trust it. When you recognise and utilise your own unique strengths, you can lead by example, encouraging others to do the same to connect to their soul's mission as a lightwkrker. If you’ve not already done so - click below to complete to the quiz to find out if this is your soul type!

I started to recognise a deeper meaning from my painting which I can only describe as soul wisdom! I want to continue to develop this deeper connection so I can work with others in this way
— Joanne Marie