Soul Healing Services

You are a uniquely expressive, creative and gifted being - here to create a life that is in alignment with your authentically unique self, soul purpose and divine happiness. You will have different gifts and challenges according to your soul type and I'm passionate about helping you embrace your gifts and overcome your challenges. So if you're after some creative inspiration, intuitive development, soul insights, energy healing or want to work with soul practices - I'm here and happy to help! 

To find out more about the services I offer and how I can help you reconnect to the parts of yourself you may have lost along the way or have not yet discovered and step into the powerhouse of your creative soul energy, click on the services above.

Not sure which service is right for you? Why not book in for a free over the phone consultation! This will give you an opportunity to ask me questions and get a feel for what I offer and what feels right for you at this time. Book yourself in by clicking below:

I had such a positive experience working with Sally which made me look at things in different ways. All of the tasks and practices were really thought provoking and insightful - it made me want to go home and journal my ideas and go with the flow more! The sessions have inspired me and my journey - I didn’t want it to end. I’d thoroughly recommend this to anyone who has trouble seeing their own positive strengths and abilities or looking for a way of channeling their creative flow.
— Lia A Roberts
It brought me great clarity and raised my energy to a whole new level. Reignited my self belief & confidence. Then the MAGIC happened when you Connected the Dots The EPIPHANY! Was able to Shine 💎 through!!🙏😍
A truly beautiful and Magical experience!
— Arlette Kelly
It was amazing to let go of the goal I’d had in mind when I arrived & go intuitively in a new direction. Thank you Sally-Anne!! I’ve already taken my first ‘goal step’ on the ladder, just 5 hours after our session together finished!
— Sally Race
This lady is very gifted and talented in her field after our session my spiritual path is so much clearer now which has made me feel confident to were I go next on my journey.
— Laura Kirkman