1:1 Expressive Soul Healing™ Coaching


What is expressive soul healing?

It is a creative awakening process where you are raising your vibrations and feeding your spirituality whilst hearing and nurturing the soul, your unique expression and divine connection. This technique is a uniquely expressive, conscious shifting healing practice that helps you to create a life that is in alignment with your authentically unique and gifted self, soul purpose and divine happiness.

To just flow with expression using the creative exercises and practices has encouraged me to be open to what’s holding me back and what I need to let go of to create the life I want for myself and loved ones.
— Lesley Beresford

Using a unique combination of creative expression, mindset challenges, soul practices and intuitive art exercises I facilitate a process where you're supported to reconnect to the parts of yourself you may have lost along the way or have not yet discovered. You will learn how to interpret the language of your soul to become a powerful co-creator with the universe to mainifest your soul mission and divine life purpose and to live more intuitively within the moment.

I wasn’t sure what to expect and wanted help with how I felt after my divorce and the negative impact it had on me and my anxiety and panic attacks. I have to say I’m slightly blown away by the insights I’ve gained from each session, I’ve learned so much about myself that I wasn’t able to access before and have experienced a real deep connection to the voice of my soul. My healing is a journey but it’s one that I feel equipped for having worked with Sally-Anne. She’s so natural, really gifted and has a knack of communicating in a way that just shifts out the old ways of thinking and ushers in the new!
— Abi Sharp

Why do I need it?

  • Are you feeling like something is missing and you can't fill that void with anything in your life right now?

  • Maybe you're repeating patterns in relationships, work and through lifestyle choices and can't break from them or understand why you're doing it?

  • Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, overthinking or overanalysing or high levels of stress that is holding you back from living your life?

  • Do you find it difficult to be your true self and therefore experience inner conflicts and lack confidence?

  • Do you have so much to do, give and share with the world but don't know where to start?

  • Could you see the benefits of experiencing creative flow, connecting to your soul purpose, fulfilling your destiny, honouring and sharing your gifts and talents in an empowering way?

  • Would you like an expert to help you tap into your soul's wisdom and divinely guided purpose, messages and mission whilst supporting and guiding you to learn to do this for yourself?

Your soul is awakening to the possibilities life has to offer, to your soul's mission and purpose and to activate your creative centre to manifest goals, align to your truth, heal soul wounds and live in abundance!

It has moments where you may feel outside of your comfort zone but you reap the benefits by the end of the sessions and I feel I walked away a better and happier Rachael! Sally-anne has a calming influence and oozes creativity herself making her the perfect facilitator for this kind of work.
— Rachael Hands
The session allowed me to witness my own reactions to external influences I wasn’t previously aware of. I felt compassion for myself whilst feeling empowered by understanding why I was reacting in this way.
— Faye Paterson

I Will Work With You In Four Ways:

  1. 1:1 Coaching to really explore what it is you need at this time to move past your own blocks, gain the soul wisdom you need, challenge old beliefs and past events that may be causing you problems today and heal from them and learn how to live daily from a place of love, not fear.

  2. Using expressive art exercises and practices as a facilitated process so that I can offer you support, reflections, personal affirmations and insights to connect in with your psyche and soul energy - it can be an eye-opener and a really beautiful way of delving into your inner landscape to really see, feel, heal and understand what is going on behind the surface!

  3. Connecting to soul wisdom through the cards & soul practices helping you to tap into the language of your soul to interpret, heal and translate your soul's messages to your own life, enriching it with meaning, purpose and direction. During our time together you will have full access to all of the soul practices for your soul type (as you’re developing your intuition this is a good practice to get into) and be guided to use this as often as possible for guidance and healing.

  4. Activate soul Healing to access root causes, clear old energy, residue energy or energy that’s not yours, access messages from your higher self and your spirit guides. This might be in the form of angelic reiki, remote healing, using crystals, affirmations and/or visualisations. The session will be tailor-made to suit your needs and to get the best results possible.

I started to recognise a deeper meaning from my painting which I can only describe as soul wisdom! I want to continue to develop this deeper connection so I can work with others in this way.
— Joanne Marie

What I Can Help You With...

  1. Explore your creative nature and intuition through various exercises and practices.

  2. Connect to your soul expression for wisdom and insights.

  3. Release emotional and mental blocks through healing art activities.

  4. Understand your life purpose and soul mission

  5. Explore your soul type through the practices to develop your gifts and abilities further

  6. Learn how to activate and use higher-self reflection.

Healing from within

You will learn how to replenish your energy levels by connecting to your soul's inner wisdom and creative centre where you hold your divine feminine energy. Using this process I started to connect to the divine, be more aware of universal laws, read and heal my own energy and connect to my higher self, realising my creative potential and healing abilities were always within. I became aware that what appears to be random on the surface, often conceals a wisdom and universal language that our soul can understand but we are not consciously aware of ourselves.

Learn the language of your soul

It is a language I am now converse in and have learned to interpret to help you in understanding your own soul's wisdom, intuition and divine connection. I work with you to recognise it, translate and apply it to your own life, enriching it with meaning, purpose and direction. This in turn provides you with the nurturing support, care and attention you need to awaken to the abundant possibilities that awaits you, take control of your life in an empowering way and learn to access 'flow', harnessing the power of your creative spirit and divine feminine energy!

The coaching sessions are 2 hours long and can be accessed in person or via Zoom. You'll have five sessions with me and each session will have a different area of focus. In addition you can contact me in-between sessions if you’d like to ask something or just need that extra support. To find out more about what we will cover in each session click on the Expressive Soul Healing Coaching Modules. Each coaching session should be no more that 1 month apart ideally, but you can schedule them in at your own preferred times. If you'd like more information you can use the contact page and I'll reply to you via email or alternatively you can book in for a 20 minute free telephone consultation to discuss further.