Soul Healing


"Such a beautiful healing experience, I felt a deep love and inner peace whilst connecting to my divine feminine energy leaving me feeling empowered and motivated to pursue my spiritual path."


Healing the soul…

Using a combination of Angelic Reiki, Lemurian healing, Divine love and Intuitive healing energy, I act as a channel for your healing whilst reading your energy and picking up on any blocks, perhaps from a past-life or mental/emotional blocks that have caused issues in the body's energy system. With my help you may be encouraged to visualise the blockage and slowly begin to break that blockage down. I also channel messages from the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and your own spirit guides and higher-self that's in-line with your higher good and healing needs at the present time. This treatment is for you if you feel you need to shift old energy blocks, attachments and co-dependancy issues and replace them with divine love, purpose and allowance working as a co-creator aligning your energy to flow naturally with any consciousness shifts you are making at this time.

I had an angelic reiki and energy reading session with Sally today. This lady is very gifted and talented in her field - after our session my spiritual path is so much clearer now which has made me feel confident in where I go next on my journey.
— laura kirkman

Healing the Emotions and body…

Energy healing can help bring back some ease to your body, so if you’ve been experiencing tension, aches or pains, headaches, stomach upsets or just general tiredness, this treatment can assist you to bring back more balance, flow and ease of movement. It is quite common for some muscular tension - especially in the back or neck area - to be related to unresolved emotional issues, which can gently be addressed and released during the session.

It is such a deeply relaxing experience, I literally felt the tension melt away and it helped me release some old wounds that I was hanging onto. I now feel freer to concentrate on who I am and what I feel passionate about.
— Michelle Mounfield

Healing the mind…

We are living in a world where stress and anxiety are very common in our daily lives. Our mental body takes much of today’s pressures, constantly trying to juggle responsibilities whilst living and keeping up with a very on-demand world. It’s too much - it is like we are forcing our mental efforts so hard, that it leaves us feeling burn out, disconnected, numb, anxious or constantly worrying without there being an ‘off’ switch. This healing treatment helps to address all that, giving your mind a much needed rest and time out, whilst clearing out any mental blocks, loops, habitual thinking etc that might be causing you more stress.

I’m a self confessed over thinker and I analyse everything! I wasn’t expecting to be able to switch off but found to my surprise that I could during the treatment. I felt so calm afterwards and much much clearer, like my clarity had returned! Would definitely recommend Sally-anne, she has a natural calming and soothing energy about her and is a skilled healer.
— Lorraine Collins

Each healing session is between 1 to 1.5 hours long (including consultation and reflection afterwards) and you'll be sent a Energy Reading Summary Report helping you to remember key points. You'll also get a personalised affirmation that I will channel for you along with messages from your Spirit guides/animals, Angels and/or Ascended Masters. Lastly, you will be sent a practice according to your soul type to help you shift old habits and perceptions in exchange for new authentically creative and unique ones that are in alignment with your truth, soul and divine purpose. 

I had an energy healing session with Sally-Anne today, and what a fabulous experience it was. I had been feeling out of sorts for a couple of weeks, not ill, not worried or concerned about anything, just ‘off’. After an hour with Sally-Anne I felt complete clarity and a sense of balancing return to my mind and my body.
A lovely hour, I will be recommending to friends and family.
Thank you Sally-Anne x
— Kaye Booth

The details…

  • Soul Healing - 1 hour £40

  • You will be sent an email to help you remember key points from your healing session.

  • Available days - Monday’s - Mickleover. Tuesday’s - Heanor. Some Friday’s also available at Heanor. (Addresses given once you’ve confirmed your booking)

  • Also available via Zoom (times/day’s vary)

  • Payment methods: PayPal, BACs Transfer or Cash on the day.

The angelic reiki session I had with Sally was a really wonderful experience. I felt totally relaxed and experienced an amazing feeling of peace. I felt a warm glow throughout the treatment and as a believer in Angels it felt as though they were close and came with love. I can only describe it as utter tranquility.
— Karen radford
I really enjoyed my soul healing sessions with Sally, she is a very gifted lady. I’ve never had anything like that before and it was an amazing experience. Highly recommended.
— Nicola Walters

If you'd like to get in touch to find out more about this treatment you can fill out the Contact page and I'll get back to you via email. Alternatively if you'd like to go ahead and book a soul healing session, either in person or via Zoom then click on the button below and select your preferred day/times that suit you best. I'll look forward to working with you and your soul energy to bring about healing, insights and a natural and effortless ease within your energy.

Sally-anne is such a lovely lady and I felt in very good hands with her. A very special experience for anyone open to new experiences!
— Kate shiel
Mind blowing! More than helped to allow me to be myself - a relaxing and very beneficial experience.
— andria moss