Let go & Flow Visualisation

Let Go & Find Your Flow Visualisation

As a Create you have lots of creative energy and it can leave you feeling a little bit out of sync, being pulled with this thought then another which can have a tendency to build up over a period of time! This guided visualisation is a gentle introduction to help your energy go with the flow by letting go and being present. In order to attract more ease into your life, find your flow and manifest - you have to let it go (pass it onto the universe). This of course is after you’ve done the work, for example, created a vision board or list, affirmation or a prayer (asking for guidance). This also applies to anything you’re holding onto that might be preventing you from feeling in sync, in tune and present. You can use this anytime, for example when you feel you’ve exhausted all why’s, or can’t seem to make progress towards your goals.