Expressive Soul Healing Coaching Modules

The sessions are tailor made to suit what you need to focus on, below is an example of what we will cover and how we will achieve that in our coaching sessions together:

Session 1

The first session will include:

  • Addressing the issues raised from completing the Coaching Introduction Form

  • Setting intentions for the coaching sessions

  • What are your current soul/ego influences from the past, present, future

  • What soul/life lessons are you learning at this time

  • An inner landscape intuitive art exercise to get underneath identified blocks/problems

Session 2

During the second coaching session we will be:

  • Using intuitive art exercises to work through soul/ego, fear/love based choices and experiences.

  • Facilitating creative expression using reframing techniques to naturally help release emotional and mental blocks.

  • Connecting to inner soul guidance through metaphor and placement - facilitated artwork.

  • Learning how to activate and use higher-self reflection - receive a step-by-step guide.

Session 3

Our third session will consist of:

  • Accessing soul practices according to your Soul Type. There are 6 bonus soul practices that we will be focusing on - working through the expressive art exercises and reflections.

  • You will be sent a soulscape according to your Soul Type with a free video guidance to gain the most benefit from using this unique reflective process.

Session 4

In our last session together we will:

  • Activate Soul Healing to access root causes - energy healing, affirmations, visualisations.

  • Access messages from the higher self - includes a guided meditation.

  • Revisit intentions to see if we have fulfilled them.

  • Complete a summary / feedback reflection that will be included in your Soul Summary Report.

During this process you will be encouraged to put in the work at home between our sessions, if you have any questions, worries or concerns you will have direct access to me via email and I will be helping you every step of the way, encouraging, guiding and supporting you whilst you commit to doing this deeply fulfilling and rewarding inner-work.