Rock Your Creative Intuition In The Business World

creative intuition

Successful people rely on their intuition just as much as their business brains, using strategy and intuition in equal measure. They trust and follow those inner hunches and gut feelings that tell them to drop a project if it no longer ‘feels right,’ or to persevere with a project that presents numerous challenges or difficulties because they know it will work out.

If you follow your instinctual and creative hunches, and boldly step out doing it your way, you will win, because nobody pays attention to a copycat or just-another-business owner that doesn’t embrace their own uniqueness.

The problem is, there are so many people who struggle to be creative, spontaneous, intuitive and instinctive and place far more value on the rational, logical and practical approaches when it comes to their business.

So here are two questions for you and your business…

Do you overanalyse or overthink things?

Do you try to rationalise or reason to find a practical answer or solution?

Creative intuition is the ability to quickly identify valuable or useful creative ideas without conscious thought. As with all intuition, it is described as instantaneous without any conscious understanding of how the mind created the idea.

So you see, you can’t force it or try to direct it. Think about those times you’ve agonised over a problem, taken a break and whilst ‘not thinking about it’ the answer just pops up in your head. Boom, solution sorted!

Here are my top 5 tips to rocking your creativity and intuition when it comes to running your business and finding success:

  1. Go with the flow - this might sound cliche and vague but sometimes we can get in our own way and be part of the problem. If you’re hitting a brick wall time and time again, stop pushing against the tide and find the path of least resistance.

  2. Listen to the quiet voice within - our intuition doesn’t shout, we have to make room for it, which means switching off from day to day distractions. Think about something you would like guidance about for your business, then try to quieten the mind and relax for 5 minutes. Have a sense of just ‘listening’ and see what comes up. If your mind starts racing and listing all the things you need to do that day, try and focus on something - your breathing or some music for example. It’s a bit like tuning into a radio station, you’ll know once you’ve found it.

  3. Get creative - this helps to sync your left and right hand brain hemispheres. Drawing, doodling, completing a mind map for example will help. Also asking yourself the deeper, more personal questions about your business values, why you’re passionate about your business…this can help connect you intuitively. Our subconscious (or soul, if you will) is often the voice of our truest and highest self. It speaks to us with symbols and metaphor (I work creatively in this way with business owners to help them tap into this, identify it and understand the messages). For more information, please go the Creative Mentoring page. You can also tap into this at night through your dreams and even ask for answers to specific questions! Keep a pen and paper by your bed to record what comes.

  4. Always trust your gut - this is different to intuition. It’s your body’s response to a certain situation or person and is a great help when it comes to formulating trusting and beneficial business relationships. You were born with instincts, they haven’t gone anywhere it’s just we don’t use them as much, but when it comes to your business - use them!

  5. Understand more about co-creating and synchronicity - there are lots of information out there about this hot topic at the moment. People practice affirmations, complete vision boards, focus on self-belief and a positive mind-set which are all necessary and needed. However, it’s more than that. It’s about realising there is a higher force for good out there that you can tap into - I’ll call it the creative tap - and when you’re in the flow you’ll start to notice synchronistic events happening all around you. It’s universal, world-wide and limitless. When you align your ideas with this creative force, that’s when the magic happens!

Your intuition is always waiting to help you get on track with your business. Start to work with it, and you’ll be amazed how quickly you can push past boundaries, self-belief issues or unresoloved problems and be the successful business owner and cutting edge entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be! I’m not saying be exclusively intuitive, of course there is much more than this to running a successful business, I’m just saying don’t be afraid of using your intuition, it’s a bonus you can’t afford to miss. I’m running several talks and workshops over the next few months covering this and facilitating business owners to do just that. If you’re interested, please get in touch and I’ll let you know the details.