How To Interpret The Language Of Your Soul

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From a very young age I have always been able to feel the feelings of others. I don't mean emotions that come from our thoughts or day to day concerns but deep feelings that come from the soul, that we're not always consciously aware of. Some people might refer to this as being an empath, old soul or clairsentient. I have found that the language of the unconscious and of the deep inner self is mainly formed of imagery, metaphors and feelings, not human language. It is a lateral process not literal that links into the universal language helping us to co-create with the universe. Working creatively as a facilitated process to express your feelings at a soul level can bring so many insights from your inner world to your conscious mind. It can be profoundly healing and insightful connecting you to your truth, authenticity, soul and unique gifts and potential.

Most of what you experience in your day to day life can be seen as metaphors that express your beliefs, perceptions, emotions and mindset that are an accumulation of your lifetime experiences to date. You may refer to this as ‘me’, ‘I’, ‘my mind’ or by your name. But you are much more than this, there's a world of potential and soul wisdom beneath the surface! You're not meant to just survive, you are meant for a life of purpose, authenticity, passion and connectedness that comes from the soul and the best way to discover who and what you really are is by learning and using the Language of the Soul.

Embracing the Language of the Soul will assist you in changing the amount of life force energy you expend on defending past hurts & disappointments, allowing you to really start living. This teaching allows you to embrace what you don’t like about yourself with loving, gentle kindness instead of going around in circles constantly trying to fix yourself.

How does the soul communicate?

  1. First of all - it does not operate with an agenda and will never shout for your attention. You have to make the space and put in the effort to connect and hear your soul. Stillness and focus are two skills you need in order to hear the soft whispers of the soul. This is one way you may communicate - the quiet inner voice of encouragement is your soul talking, not your ego.

  2. It uses colour, imagery, symbols, placement, randomness, lateral connections, the collective unconscious and archetypes. Using your non-dominant hand select a paint/pen/pencil of your choice (don't think about your choice just pick one) and start to draw something, or write or doodle. Continue using this process and what you end up with may to the naked eye seem like a lot of colourful squiggles but when you start to learn and hear your soul through this medium you can start to make sense of it. If you'd like to experience this for yourself to gain insight and solutions to problematic areas of your life and access the wisdom you need, book in for a free 20 minute consultation (over the phone).

  3. What appears to be random along with symbols & archetypes, is another way the soul communicates - this is also how you start working with universal energies. I started with a set of oracle cards, assuming what I was pulling out and selecting was random. It wasn't, far from it. When I started to channel a question or simply allow the answers to come to me that will best serve me at that time I was amazed at the accuracy of the results. I've since developed Soul Practice Cards, available when you book the online program - which will be launching soon - that you can work with according to your soul type and select randomly to invite this universal and soul wisdom into your life to help heal, connect, gain insights and purpose.

  4. It can speak to you through the law of reflection, law of attraction and nature, whilst meditating, doing yoga or exercise, doing your garden or cooking etc, there are lots of ways you can, sometimes unknowingly, create a clear channel to connect to the wisdom of your soul.

Here are a few examples of the Soul Practice Cards

Sometimes we ignore the soul or don’t awaken to its wisdom until a crisis strikes, such as an illness or loss or breakdown in a relationship. Then we become humble and open to answers beyond our conscious mind, ordinary help and familiar thoughts. This is something we can decide to do now, for ourselves without experiencing a crisis. The soul is ever present, patiently waiting and supporting us. All we need to do is directly seek it’s help, be it a walk in nature, a meditation, using oracle cards or creative expression, we can call upon it anytime.

If you'd like to find out more and would like some expertise and guidance on how to access soul wisdom then join me for a free talk at Derby Conference Centre on Sunday 16th September 2018 @ 2.30pm! If you'd like to find out more about the event which starts at 10am - 4pm hosted by BC Lifestyle Events click here or alternatively you can read more about my talk and tick 'going' on the Facebook Events page here.