How To Tap Into Your Creative Powerhouse

creative powerhouse.png

Did you know you have constant access to a creative powerhouse within? It runs on spontaneity, expression, love, connection, purpose, vitality and of course creativity! Are you providing these conditions for your creative spirit?

Our inner ‘creator’ is accessible and used by all of us, but some people are better at it than others. Think of it more like a mindset than a gift or talent in one particular medium. For example, in your day to day living you create your outfit, your conversations, what you eat for dinner, your environment. In fact you are creating all of the time at every moment - every thought is a creation. Even when you’re asleep you create dreams! So it’s not about being creative or not being creative, it’s about how you use your creativity.

So how can you use this to usher in change, personal growth, success and fulfillment? Firstly let me explain what your creative powerhouse is. It’s a combination of all four bodies - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - all working together. It is your innermost being - soul centre and authentic expression of truth. It is the counterpoint connection to ALL THAT IS. It’s your inner ‘creator’ energy that manifests your intentions out into the world. When in alignment, it flows naturally and you can access all of the above within your creations making them incredibly powerful.

Follow my top tips to get your creativity flowing so you can step into your own creative powerhouse...

  1. Find your core. This is a simple mindset technique where you visualise all of your energy into your centre or ‘core’ of your being. This area is your stomach - place your hands here and call it in - see it as yellows, oranges and reds all collaboratively working together as one. Think about being present and breathe from your belly for 30 seconds to a minute.

  2. Don’t overthink it. Analytic thinking is the eraser to your pencil. To step away from feeling blocked with constant thoughts, connect to a feeling. Use a picture, poem or quote - something that engages your feelings and channel this as your creative fuel to get going.

  3. Redefine your ideas of what being creative is. Being creative is really about putting together everyday 'ingredients' metaphorically speaking, in a different or new way. Embrace your inner alchemist!

  4. Create the space to be creative. This might sound simple, but if you're not able to do this, your creativity will be hindered. What sort of space do you flourish in? Your surroundings already form a part of your masterpiece.

  5. Don't define the process. You can 'over-script' a creative project sometimes, taking away the magical ingredient of the unknown! Creativity is about expansion. You can't expand without allowing room for something beyond your own comprehension.

  6. Own your power. Creativity is powerful - it can create and it can destroy. Set your intention for your creations so that you can really ground yourself and feel purposeful. It doesn't need to be big, just meaningful to you.

If you’re wanting to be more creative, no matter what your chosen medium, project or idea is, then bear in mind the steps above and let go of the outcome and just enjoy the process. It’s easy to get in your own way sometimes. There are lots of stages of creativity from preparation to production but you can’t create anything without flow.

Creative flow is the most important element to any creative project and to be in ‘flow’ you’ve got to surrender everything to the present moment. Not only is this hugely rewarding, it’s also scientifically proven to boost happiness and improve mental and emotional wellbeing whilst keeping a clear channel to connect to your creative powerhouse! If you’d like to find out more about the science behind this, click here.

If you feel you need some 1:1 help with this, I offer creative mentoring. You can access this as a one off session or book in for package depending on your needs. I have lots of experience working creatively and expressively with clients and have seen some inspiring and insightful results! So in the interim…get creating and allow room for your unique and beautiful expression to be born into the world!

Sally has a unique gift that she uses during her facilitation to help you connect to your own creativity. It’s like a creativity magnet has been activated and you can’t help but be creative! My sessions with her always bring me insights, lessons and understanding for what I need to do next. I can’t recommend her enough.
— Sandra Smith