How To Protect Your Energy From Negativity

blog-how to protect your energy from negativity

I am consistently being asked by my clients, work colleagues and even friends this very important question and the reasons why people are asking it are varied but the common two that I come across are:

  1. Sometimes it’s because they are what I’d call ‘energy sensitive’ or an Empath and as such can feel drained by negativity from people, events, TV programmes - even the news, diet etc, and so want to know how to protect themselves.

  2. The second reason is because they have a natural spiritual/intuitive gift - they might see, hear, visualise or know things but feel fearful about opening up to these gifts without understanding how to protect their energy.

We are now living in a world where we must start to get energy savvy (and I’m not talking about your gas & electric bills!) because interactions we have with others can have an adverse affect on your energy, most of the time without you consciously realising it.

I’m sure some of you have heard of the phrase Empath or Energy Vampires and whilst the latter sounds extreme, it certainly isn’t an exaggeration. There are people out there that can feed off your energy. Some of them that do this will be close friends, work colleagues, siblings, partners, even parents. They can show up in all guises and are usually very skilled in getting what they want.

Empaths are naturally sensitive and can not only empathise with others - but feel how they feel, making it very difficult to be assertive, speak up for themselves and express their feelings. This of course makes them vulnerable and can often be taken advantage of.

If any of this is ringing any bells or you might know someone that fits this description then please send this blog to them, we are on the cusp of change where this sort of behaviour is starting to be noticed and outed!…and as an Empath myself with first-hand experiences of dealing with Energy Vampires, I know just how detrimental to your health it can be when you’re in a relationship with one.

Here are 5 steps that you can take right now to protect your energy from negativity:

  1. Put yourself first - this might sound obvious but for empaths they are constantly putting others first, so it might be a difficult transition - especially if they’re in a relationship with an Energy Vampire because trust me, they will not like it! Remember that it is okay to look after yourself and address your needs too - they are equally as important if not more so than those around you! This doesn’t make you selfish, just look at it as an indirect approach to being more assertive, you’re not challenging anyone directly but your actions are saying you value yourself - and you must!

  2. Express yourself - you’ve got a lot going on, you’re feeling lots of different things and most of them might not even be your feelings. I use creative expression as a facilitated art process in my coaching sessions, workshops and events that I run and sometimes during a healing session and the results are aways astounding! Your feelings need an outlet and whilst you’ve adapted and coped with everything really well, if you don’t find a way to express yourself you’ll end up making yourself ill - you can’t put a lid on anger, frustration, shame, guilt or anything else you’ve been carrying around that might be yours or someone else’s. Plus your true feelings will always bring you some much needed wisdom and insight and usually a message that can help you to heal.

  3. Visualise your energy as being protected by a blue/violet or gold light. This is usually seen as a bubble shape that surrounds your own energy protecting it from anything negative entering and clearing and shielding your energy at the same time. I started out working with Archangel Michael to help me with this and found plenty of free online resources, mostly on YouTube. I've developed a few of my own since then - if you’d like me to send you a copy please get in touch using the Contact Page.

  4. Use affirmations - these are a really effective way of raising your vibration, setting intentions and asking for help and protection all in one! For example you could say something along the lines of “thank you (universe/guides/angels) for protecting my energy and helping me align with my higher good in all situations and relationships. Please give me the strength and courage I need to assert my needs and value and respect myself at all times.”

  5. Make healthy choices - this is with all things from what you watch, read, eat and who you spend time with. If someone is making you feel sad, drained, tired or irritable can you cut down the amount of time you spend with them? Watch and read things that are positive and uplifting, as opposed to dark or dramatic and make healthy choices when it comes to your diet, where at all possible. If you’re energy sensitive you have a real responsibility to yourself to remember that what you feed yourself both literally and metaphorically will affect your energy, so make choices that will keep you feeling positive and that put your needs and health first.

I hope you’ve found this blog useful and remember - you are not alone! You are a valued, loved and inspiring individual that has every right to live a life full of happiness, love, connection and passion.

There are some fantastic Energy Healing Practitioners out there that offer their services to support you if you feel you need it, plus practices like Yoga and Meditation can help heal, align and balance your energy. I offer Soul Healing sessions, which is a combination of Angelic Reiki, Divine Love and Intuitive Healing - check out my page for more information and to read some testimonials.

I work with the client to help raise their vibration and apply healing to the areas that need it, lower vibrational energy (negative energy) can then be released, along with what is no longer serving your higher good including chords, contracts or agreements from this or a past life. If you’d like to find out more about working with me and have a question about how I can help, please feel free to get in touch.

If you’d like to read more about Empaths or Energy Vampires then check out this blog by Dr Christiane Northrup who talks about the health risks of being in an Energy Vampire relationship - she is truly an inspiration in the field of women’s health and has written a book dedicated to the subject called Dodging Energy Vampires - definitely well worth a read!