How To Harness Your Creative Soul Energy

creative soul energy

I have always felt that creativity has been a big part of my life. As I’ve got older, I’ve noticed I do think differently which is great for generating ideas, not so great to follow through on them! I often have flashes of insights - and need to get a pen and paper quick to write them down. I had a period of time where I would just write poetry and music. It wasn’t the sort of poetry you’d enter in a competition or find in a book somewhere, or music you’d hear on the radio but it was an outlet for these surges of energy that I was feeling that needed to be expressed - it was like my soul had a voice and I’d finally given it permission to speak!

I had opened up a communication channel to my soul and boy did it have a lot to say…however it felt like this process had connected me to more than just my soul and I started feeling things so intensely and connectedly to everything around me that it almost felt like an outer-body experience. I didn’t realise it at the time but I was channeling. I had connected to life-force energy and universal energies that I call the divine and expressing them through my soul creatively.

I was harnessing creative soul energy…

I genuinely believe all of these experiences I had were guiding me towards my purpose and destiny and what I had signed up for in this lifetime…like they were all clues. The other part of this experience taught me that everyone has the ability to connect to their creative soul energy - and often do without realising it - and it can be life changing!

I believe that when we engage in a creative act it connects us so easily and beautifully to our soul energy - the root or source if you like, where your soul expression, truth and authenticity lives. When we are activating our creative soul energy we are accessing a mixture of life force energy, soul energy and as a creator (and we are all creators in our own right) - our creative energy…

In truth each and every one of us is a creative powerhouse!

Whilst it’s true that some people are naturally more creative and at ease with being expressive - I firmly believe that creativity is accessible to everyone - it’s inclusive and inbuilt within each of us. Think about it. Every time you speak, you are creating a conversation. Every time you cook, you’re creating a plate of food. Every time you dress, you’re creating a look. Sometimes it’s just about bringing your awareness to what you’re already creating, then the practice can become more of a heart centered one, teaching you how to listen to your heart more and take action based on what you hear. Our minds are exhausted and in constant demand, all of the time. We have forgotten about the gifts of our intuition, our heart’s wisdom and feelings on a soul level, that can offer a release from daily stresses, anxieties and worries that we generally concoct from overthinking or overanalyzing things. It’s about surrendering and releasing control of the logical mind in order to allow our creations to take physical form.

Here are my top 5 tips to harness your creative soul energy:

  1. If being creative feels like a scary task, then try collage and create a mood or dream board - or better yet a soul board! Create some space and time for you to focus on this task. Surround yourself with some magazines, scissors, glue - even glitter and start cutting things out. The key to remember here is you’re not thinking about the end result, you’re just allowing yourself to be present in the process and just trust what you feel pulled towards in terms of selecting an image or wording etc.

  2. Use metaphor! I can’t tell you how powerful this is and effective to connect on a deeper level. What inspires you at the moment? Is there something you can use about your recent experiences or maybe you feel inspired about nature and can use that? I wrote a poem connecting the seasons of nature to our cycles of life, you can read it here to see how I worked with metaphor.

  3. It’s all about doing. You’re creative soul energy is fuel for motivation, inspiration, aspirations and so forth…it gets you ‘doing’ and stops you procrastinating. If you’re experiencing blocks with your creativity or you’re just not manifesting what you want, then finding something you can do to channel your creative energy will help. It can be as simple as cooking a new dish at home, going to the DIY store and finishing that project you haven’t gotten around to or writing in a journal. As long as you’re doing something that will then shake you out of any ‘stuckness’ you might be experiencing.

  4. Get messy! Reach for some paints or chalks and create something that makes you feel free, without inhibition. Being tactile stimulates the senses and connects you to your inner-child who is still very much a part of you! Make some time to play, laugh, socialise and create. Get involved with a project in your community or attend an event - get stuck in and see how you start to light up and feel more connected to the present.

  5. Express yourself - this might sound quite general and in some ways it is but every one of us needs an outlet to express how we feel, what we think, what we want, what we’ve experienced and what has hurt us. You can’t connect to your creative soul energy if you’re carrying all of this around with you - it just creates barriers to accessing your birthright to create, to be, to live, to express. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this with someone else then do it by writing it down or saying it out loud. Just get it out, so that you can feel clearer, lighter, happier and connected to what you really feel and value.

If you’d like to have a go at being expressively creative and experience the therapeutic benefits whilst learning how to channel your creative soul energy, then come along to an Introduction to Therapeutic Art that I’m hosting on Sunday 7th October at Acorn Natural Health Centre in Heanor. Alternatively, have a look at the Expressive Soul Healing™ Coaching that I offer if you feel you’d benefit from working with me on a 1:1 basis to access the extra support, facilitation and benefits available with this option.