How To Heal Your Fears Through The Soul

Heal your fears through the soul

It can sometimes feel like a lot to get your head around, but the simple truth is that every decision you make comes from a place of love or fear. When you really take the time to check in with why you’re doing something, how often is it because you’re worried, or anxious about an outcome for example?

The fear of consequence and worry about the acceptance of others (their opinions & actions) can and will in the end, lead to more of the same - worry, anxiety, fear and dread. It is also something that in truth, you have no control over.

What if you could tell yourself that everything is okay and will work out for your higher good and consciously choose to make decisions from the soul - the heart space - from love?!?

What if you traded uncertainty for trust. Exchanged worry for belief. Discounted rejection for acceptance? How would that influence your choices today and in the future?

The good news is that we have access to all of the above - our soul, our heart space, our love, kindness, compassion, courage and so forth. We also have access to worry, fear, doubt, uncertainty, anxiety and disbelief - in ourselves and others. But when we check-in with where this is coming from - love or fear - ego or soul - can it make a difference?

We are quite complex, we have layers upon layers that consist of our past experiences, beliefs, social and environmental factors, our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and we are constantly changing, evolving, learning, growing and living. Even in the moments we feel ‘stuck’ or try to hide away from the world, life goes on, we move forwards whether we want to or not.

One of the hardest things I ever had to do, was start over. Start from scratch and accept that I am accountable for myself, my thoughts and actions. I am not a victim of circumstance, I am a creator of my life. I simply didn’t like what I had created and had successfully managed to convince myself it was because of others - not me!

The mindset I had was very much the opposite of feeling empowered - I didn’t feel in control of my own choices. In truth I wasn’t because I was giving all my power over to other people, to the external circumstances and burying my head in the sand hoping this awful storm will pass and all will be well again.

It was only when I took the time to really look within, to do the inner work I needed to do, that I discovered my light buried within the darkness. I know it sounds cliche but it really was a revelation for me to discover that I am more than what I’ve been led to believe by others. I have inner strength, compassion, kindness and a will to do good, to achieve my dreams to light up the world because I’d fallen back in love with it and myself!

I realised that I am not the sum total of other people’s assumptions, accusations, judgements and labels - I am so much more! And so are you!

You will always have the power of choice, that it is your divine right as a human being to step up and be heard. To make choices from the heart that feel true to you.

You’re not here to appease others…

Once you start to understand a bit more about your energy exchanges with others, you will see that some people are quite gifted at taking yours, usually through manipulation. If this is the case then any exchange or trade you make will cost you - your love, light (hope, belief), kindness and compassion. Only you will know if you’re being taken advantage of or used in this way. If you’re giving yourself to someone in the hope that it will change things or change them, then you’re handing them your power on a plate. This won’t help you or them and will only cause dysfunctional aspects to form within the relationship.

If you’re going to give, do it because it feels right, do it without expectation, do it because you love yourself and others equally, do it because your choice it’s coming from a place of love not fear.

Just be the light that you are, be who you are, be true to you, respect yourself enough to honour your feelings even when others are not. Take the time you need to heal. You owe it to yourself, the time is right and you will come back from whatever has kept you in the dark.

Here are my top 5 tips to help you heal your fears through the soul:

  1. Create a list that have your top 5 core values & beliefs that you choose to live by. What is really important to you, how do you want to treat and be treated by others? What do you want to encourage within yourself and others? This will really help you to be more mindful of your intentions in all that you do and keep focused on what is important.

  2. Face your fears. Yes I know, we all hear that saying often enough and if you’re anything like me a good eye-roll will usually suffice as a response! I’d like to share with you what I did that helped. I gave myself full permission to write, draw, express my fears just as they are without judgement, guilt or worry. I then went through them one by one and asked them why, where does this come from? Just by acknowledging them I started to feel a shift, like the grip was loosening. We all have fears but we all have the choice to either act on them or not. By confronting them in a safe space and coming from a place of love, can actually help you to release them.

  3. Connect with your higher-self. There are several meditations you can try to do this, or you can just gently sit with yourself and bring your awareness inwards and ask to connect to your higher self. Place some amethyst and clear quartz crystals around you, check in with your breath, ask the question and let go. When you can connect to your higher-self, you can often shift old perceptions and habitual thinking that might have been holding you back.

  4. Use intuitive drawing or automated writing. This is what I do with my clients and the results can really be life-changing. Set yourself up in a creative space, ask a question you want some guidance on - or what you’d like to heal and then let your mind go blank. If you can’t do this and your mind won’t switch off, don’t keep trying to force it, just start writing or drawing but don’t think about what you’re doing or where it is going - keep letting go and just trust in the process. When you have finished reflect back on what you’ve created to gain some valuable insights.

  5. Use oracle or affirmation cards. Anyone can use these cards, it’s not a pre-requisite to be psychically gifted, you just need an open mind and you’re off! These cards work very similarly to the law of attraction. You’ll turn over cards that are connected to your thoughts and vibrational energy, giving you some clear insights that can help you to heal. Just trust the answers and allow the messages to come to you.

I hope you’ve found this helpful, please do get in touch if any of this has struck a chord with you - I’ll be happy to help with any questions you might have. Stay centered, stay true and be YOU!